Pre-recorded video, more commonly known as Archived or On-Demand content, enables the creators to make available the content 24 hours a day. A great way for anyone to develop a large library of material that continues to grows. Unlike live webcasting archived content simply sits on a server waiting for people to request access. This content can either be streamed through a set-top box connected to your TV, or a computer or other device, allowing viewing in real time. Viewers may also have the ability to download it to a device such as a computer or a video on demand box that may be supplied by a cable company.

Basic Functionality:Basic Funtionality:

Download and streaming video on demand systems provide the user with a large amount of content that is available anytime. Functionality including pause, fast forward, fast rewind, slow forward, slow rewind, jump to previous/future frame enable simple use and the ability to take a break during viewing or come back later to finish viewing.  These capabilities are called trick modes. For disk-based streaming systems which store and stream programs from a hard disk drive, trick modes require additional processing and storage on the part of the server, because separate files for fast forward and rewind must be stored. Memory-based VOD streaming systems have the advantage of being able to perform trick modes directly from RAM, which requires no additional storage or computer power on the part of the processor.

Content Creators:

In the last 5-10 years video software technology has advanced so fast that anybody can now create video content, edit it, and publish to the web in a matter of minutes. Full featured video editing software is readily available now for next to no money.

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