How to Sell Online Videos

How to sell online videos

Building your own infrastructure to support a Pay Per View Platform is not only time consuming but can also be quite expensive if you need to hire a developer. You’re better off finding a Streaming Media Hosting Provider who already has the technology in place.  This will surely simplify and speed up the process of getting your content out there on the web for people to purchase.

There are many streaming video vendors that offer a Pay Per View service which allows for you to sell your video content online.   You’ll want to find one that does not take a portion of your sales but charges a monthly fee for the use of the Pay Per View System.

First Step

The first step in the process is to prepare your video into the proper format by encoding them into either a Flash Media or Windows Media format.  Both Adobe (Flash Media Encoder) and Microsoft (Windows Media Encoder) offer free downloads of their encoding software.

Second Step

Once encoded, your content can be uploaded to a streaming server.  This can usually be done by using an FTP program or uploaded directly from your browser.  You can then set up the pay per view parameters: how many views you’ll allow, how long your customer will have access to the video, the dollar amount you wish to charge, etc.  A link will be created for you which can be placed on an existing website.

Third Step

You will have to set up an account with a payment processor like PayPal, World Pay or CC Bill as a means to collect your money.

When your customer comes to your website, they’ll click on a purchase link.  They’ll be prompted to create a user name and password and register with whatever information you require of them.  They’ll submit their payment, and once approved, they will be granted access to the content.

Go the Easy Way

You can bypass these steps by using a Streaming Media Hosting Provider that offers all that is required to sell your content. One of the best companies out there with a full blown Pay Per View System as well as a 24/7 telephone technical support team is

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