A basic Live Broadcast is illustrated as follows:

  • Live event: The subject to be broadcast—business, educational, or political speakers, performers, sporting events, or any other event.
  • Audio/video capture: Cameras and/or microphones connected to the computer.
  • Onsite encoding: Encoding provided using a Live Encoder on a computer with a reliable Internet connection.
  • Internet: Liaison between computers running a Server, a Live Encoder, a web server hosting the playback file, and the audience’s computers.
  • Streaming media servers: Providing the delivery of video and audio streams using load balancing, failover, redundancy, and clustering via an origin/edge architecture. The streaming is provided through leading content delivery network (CDN) providers. An alternative is to own and operate your own servers.
  • Web server: Simple HTTP server hosting the video file that is downloaded by the audience’s computers to receive the webcast event. Only a single playback file is required.
  • Audience: Internet-connected event audience viewing the event using a media player to play the playback file.

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