Video content is now distributed to hundreds of millions of people everyday thanks to the Internet’s worldwide reach. In the early 2000’s companies tried to make money with their content and have found it much more difficult to defray the cost of distribution. Many tried using ads through Google ads as well as attempting to sell ads on their own. This has proven to be much more difficult than expected. Through the mid 2000’s content owners have distinguished the difference between what will and won’t sell for a profit. Through new streaming media technology and the actual content quality increasing, profits have gone up which has enticed more owners of video content to take to the Internet and to setup Pay Per View models. The best part of this is that you don’t have to be a major television network to make money on your videos.

With hosting providers offering cutting edge management systems to sell content, it is easier than ever to set up and is also inexpensive to do so. Pay-per-view technology allows you to sell streaming content (audio & video) online with the options of your choice. You can sell downloadable and streaming videos for both live and archived content. You can offer subscriptions to your content on a monthly basis or offer a one time view only. You can offer access between specific time frames or allow a one time download. With some hosting companies you will be able to mix and match all these options.

The Bottom Line: 
As it has become so inexpensive to get into monitizing your videos there is no reason to wait anymore.

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