Pay Per View Streaming

With Pay-Per-View (PPV) technology combined with streaming media delivery you are able to directly monetize your content and cover your streaming costs.

There are many different options available for doing PPV online. Many hosts do a profit share type model and offer free or a reduced price for hosting your content in exchange for a percentage of the profits. While these may look good upfront with low or no cost to you they can make a large impact in your profits if your event is successful.

Example 1

Most free hosting ppv systems do a 50/50 revenue split. If you have a 2 hour event and charge $3.95 per viewer and 10,000 people sign up you would be looking at $39,500 total revenue. This would mean that you paid $19,750 for the hosting of the event after the split. If you compare this to paid services that offer PPV without revenue share you will quickly see the difference in cost.

Example 2

A company like offers a Pay Per View add-on for a fixed cost of $39.95 per month on top of a hosting package. They do not take any percentages of your sales and all funds go direct to you through the payment processors. In this scenario you would be looking at a total bandwidth usage of 4TB. This would place you in a hosting package costing $1853.95. you would save a total of $17,856.10 if you compare it to Example 1 above.


By paying for the hosting in Example 2 you would walk away with a $37,606.10 profit for your event instead of $19,750 in the Example 1 scenario.  It is recommended that you research your options before doing an event as free isn’t always free when you look at the big picture.

Security Through Authentication

For security you will want to make sure your host is offering a serverside security system. Stay away from any system that allows you to set up ppv with a different host. If they do not have control of the streaming servers chances are they are simply masking the link that they give to viewers. This is incredibly easy to bypass and your PPV event will not succeed when users are watching for free. Always look for a solution where you can get your hosting and PPV from the same provider and be sure and ask the provider how the content is protected.

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