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When selecting a streaming media hosting provider it’s a good idea to review the specifics of what you need to accomplish and the speed at which you would like to get it done. Some video content owners have time to setup and configure servers and others need to simply get a live webcast or place their archived content on the web as fast as possible. If you are like most of us time is of utmost importance as well as quality of service. That said, in most cases you will want to select a hosting service with telephone technical support and streaming servers that are up and running all the time with a great track record of NO DOWNTIME!

First thing is to calculate how many simultaneous logons you expect for your event. This is important as you want to make sure the hosting company can handle the load. One certainly doesn’t want to experience server failure. Be realistic as you don’t want to get into paying for more bandwidth than you need. Next is to decide what services you may need with your event. An example of a service is Pay Per View or Presentations software or maybe you require Event Management Technology. The easiest way to be sure you have selected the right hosting company for you is to choose one that offers all the services that you need.

Non Business Content  Hosting

If you are not a business and would like to upload your videos to the web for free there is always or As these are free to join and post your video’s you will have to deal with ads running and other distractions that are fine for the casual user, but ones for those looking for professional streaming solutions it’s best go elsewhere.

Business Content  Hosting

If you are a business looking for a professional hosting solution with add on services that you can utilize I would suggest taking a look at These guys have great telephone technical support and lots of services you can add to your account. A one stop shop.

 An inexpensive hosting company like is a good choice if you are looking for Webcasting Services to Broadcast Live Online. They are a high quality streaming media solution. AWcast is the least expensive and highest quality in the market today. There are no forced logos, banners or ads and they offer 24/7 technical support.

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