Video Broadcasting

There are many factors to be considered when analyzing different methods for delivering online video, including operating costs, infrastructure investment, video quality, and user experience. Streaming companies have had to constantly re-tool their technology as the growth in viewership increases.

Increase in Viewers to Online access:

Significant consumer demand for online videos has grown to more than 50% of online consumers. This means that 1/2 of the video content viewed today is now accessed via the Internet. DVR and DVD platforms also continue to grow and become more widespread with the usage of on-demand video broadcasting. Live video broadcasting is now experiencing a premier worldwide development that crosses all borders and has created competition that continues to help everybody from the small video production house to the large network stations.


Most of the current technologies for Streaming Media Broadcasting seems to have been developed over the last 5-10 years or so and is up, running, and available to both the corporate world as well as for personal use. A direction that seems inevitable in the near future is moving towards Internet Broadcasting being delivered for TV viewing instead of just the PC.

Broadcast Online

An inexpensive hosting company like is a good choice if you are looking for webcasting services to Broadcast Live Online. They are a high quality streaming media solution. AWcast is the least expensive and highest quality in the market today. There are no forced logos, banners or ads and they offer 24/7 technical support.

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